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Management Reports

Web Check-In®

Wait at home, not in a doctor's lobby.

With Web Check-In® you can register at home, at the office, or anywhere you have online access.

CareNow® is dedicated to keeping you informed about your employee's health care. We provide you with a variety of Management Reports to help you understand and analyze your Occupational Medicine needs. These include:

Work Status Report

Clearly details what job functions the employee can and can't do as a result of an injury.

Injury Analysis Report

Breaks down injuries by type and diagnosis to help you identify problem areas.

Procedure Code Report

Provides you with the exact information on the procedures we are performing.

Wait Time Report

Lets you know exactly how long employees are in our center.

Employment Report

A convenient listing of all the people from your business on whom we have performed a drug screen, physical, etc.

Custom Reports

Our database allows us to configure a report to your specifications.