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Drug Screening

More and more companies are adopting the policy of a drug-free work environment, and employment drug screens are becoming a normal part of the hiring process. CareNow® is ready to satisfy your company's needs with several testing options:

Rapid drug screens

Five-minute express drug screens get you results fast.*

Standard 10-panel drug screens

The most common employment test, the 10-panel drug screen tests for 10 major drug categories. Results are reported in 24 to 72 hours (depending on the types of testing performed).

NIDA (DOT) 5-panel drug screens

5-panel DOT (Department of Transportation) approved drug screens are available for those in the trucking and transportation industry. The panel is certified by the National Institute for Drug Abuse..

Breath Alcohol testing

CareNow® has certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) to conduct breath alcohol tests on federally approved equipment.


CareNow® can perform collection-only duties for independent laboratories. We can store your kits and chain of custodies at the clinic.

CareNow® medical centers allow you to customize the result reporting. Your protocol will be added to your computerized Preference Card.

*Electronic results reporting within one hour.